Plant Maintenance Services

Industrial Vacuum

With innumerable applications, our fleet of wet/dry vacuum units and strictly liquid units are set up to perform almost any task. PM Services has specialized in Industrial Vacuum services for the last 17 years with the all equipment and trained personnel to assure our customers of a superior service within the time frame of the shut- down, outage or scheduled maintenance.

PM Services is committed to finding tailor-made solutions for our customers and we will ensure that the best recovery, disposal and safety methods are used.

The Anatomy of an Air Mover

  • Capabilities of up to 17 cubic yard
  • Suction velocities of up to 150 mph
  • Liquid or bulk solids removal capabilities
  • Capabilities up to 6000 cfm
  • Materials can be moved up to 1000 feet
  • Optional roll off box capability
  • Optional detached separator

While anyone can brag about equipment and tools, our greatest asset is our people. Our crews are trained in the most effective Industrial Cleaning techniques. From Ethanol Process Plants, Electric Power Plants, Natural Gas Processing Plants, and Oil Refineries, to other industries like petrochemical and food or pharmaceutical manufacturers, our Hydro Blasting services are an integral part of our customers’ maintenance needs.

Industrial Vacuum

Industrial Vacuum