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The days of damaging Fin-Fans in the pursuit of cleanliness are over. Plant Maintenance Services (PM Services) uses an environmentally safe chemical that we foam into a thick consistency (much like shaving cream) which attacks the unwanted deposits, loosening their grip. We’re then able to conduct a high-volume / low-pressure rinse, eliminating the risk of fin-damage and leaving behind a clean, efficient unit. We can remove all types of fouling – from dirt and debris to scale and bugs – resulting in greater efficiency, lower emissions, less downtime and increased production.

Soda blasting fin fans: Effective, Efficient, & Environmentally friendly

Is foam cleaning not getting the scale off your fins? Most likely the culprit is Calcium Carbonate Scale. Most water including rainwater carries calcium carbonate. This product usually separates itself from water under heating conditions and leaves a very hard scale. Time, sun and heat harden the scale to a point that even acidic foams will not remove it. If this seems to be your problem you should consider soda blasting of the fins. We have several types of blasting media to cover the slightest build up to the heavier foam resistant coatings. We can help you choose the right blasting media to obtain the right thermal transfer.

Our experienced staff can take off the toughest scales and not harm your fins. Soda blasting followed by a low-pressure high volume flush insures that your fans will operate at maximum air exchange. Soda blasting is an effective and safe way to clean your fin fans. It is an environmentally responsible way to clean and protect the equipment.

Before Fin Fan Cleaning:
Before Fin Fan Cleaning

After Fin Fan Cleaning:
After Fin Fan Cleaning