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Chemical Cleaning Services

Each chemical cleaning project is designed and supervised by experienced personnel. In doing so, we assist in identifying deposits and metallurgy, selecting appropriate chemistry or cleaning agent and develop creative solutions. In addition to cleaning, these solutions can neutralize, decontaminate and de-gas under a variety of conditions. PM Services chemical cleaning procedures are environmentally safe. When possible, chemical formulas are water soluble (for example chelants) or biodegradable to allow for safe in plant disposal. When a cleaning agent is used which requires specialized disposal, PM Services ensures that disposal conforms to applicable regulatory statutes.

PM Services chemical cleans, boilers, catalytic cracker units, cooling water systems, coker units, condensate systems, heat exchangers, amine systems, towers, tanks, food process systems, lube oil systems, oxygen systems, hydraulic systems, and many other manufacturing process systems.

The advantages of a PM Services Chemical Cleaning process are:

  • Project design assistance
  • Restoration of process efficiency
  • Improved heat exchange
  • Passivation to prevent future system fouling and corrosion
  • Increased productivity and reduced downtime
  • Solvent selection based on metallurgy and desired objectives
  • Water soluble and biodegradable cleaning agents
  • Excellent safety record
  • Contract administration
  • Off -site chemical cleaning capabilities

PM Services is committed to finding tailor made solutions for your industrial cleaning needs. Our trained specialists perform assessments to evaluate process vessels, metallurgy, access containment type and desired results. This is done in order to recommend proper materials, safe and cost effective procedures and engineer the right solution the first time. Plant Maintenance Services can provide turn- key chemical cleaning solutions to suit your specific needs. Combined with PM Services resources, we provide temporary storage tanks and transportation of spent chemicals among other services. Turnaround, shutdown and outage coverage is available as well as our 24 per hour, 7 days per week on-call service. Safety procedures and applicable Material Safety Data Sheets are available upon request from your representative. Contact your local service representative for more information and a free assessment of your particular needs. PM Services is your chemical cleaning out source alternative.

Chemical Cleaning

Chemical Cleaning